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Property Contract Termination

A case before QCAT has recently confirmed that the fee for terminating a property purchase contract during the cooling off period (which is 0.25% of the total contract price) is...

By Aylward Game Jan 28, 2014 Conveyancing

Is the Immunisation of Children a Special Medical Procedure?

The decision as to whether or not to immunise children appears to be increasingly being argued in the Family Courts between separated parents. There have been a number of cases...

By Aylward Game Jan 16, 2014 Family Law

Executors Take Care

A recent decision made in the Courts of Victoria highlights the importance of comprehensive Estate Planning and the need for Executors to take particular care when they are dealing with...


Work Place Sexual Harassment

In the decision in a case known as Ewin v Vergara (No. 3) (2013) the Federal Court has clarified the position under the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 as to what...

By Aylward Game Jan 14, 2014 Criminal Law

Conveyancing – The Importance of Property Searches

When purchasing your property it is important that searches are carried out to check that the seller has met their disclosure obligations, that warranties in the contract are correct and...

By Aylward Game Jan 14, 2014 Conveyancing

Social Media Strikes Again

The social media website Facebook has once again featured in litigation arising in the context of an employment relationship. In Little v Credit Corp Group Limited, the Fair Work Commission...

By Aylward Game Jan 9, 2014 Social Media

The Pole Dance That Never Ends

Unfortunately the cloud of uncertainty that has been hanging over Family Lawyers who deal with Prenuptial Binding Financial Agreements continues with the news that the husband in the now infamous...

By Aylward Game Jan 9, 2014 Family Law

Moving Into Your New Home?

1) Arrange for your insurance cover over the property. Most contracts for the sale of residential property include terms that the Buyer is responsible for taking out sufficient insurance cover...

By Aylward Game Nov 14, 2013 Property Law

Tweeting About Employment Law

Social media and employment law have again been the focus of litigation in Australia. Michaela Banerji was a public servant in the Immigration Department. Ms. Banerji also operated a Twitter...

By Aylward Game Oct 31, 2013 Employment Law

Electronic Communication – Have You Kept the Appropriate Records

The use of Email in particular has become a common practice for parties to a contract to communicate. Just because you have saved the email that you have sent, if...

By Aylward Game Oct 30, 2013 Business Law
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