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Comprehensive information on the laws impacting de facto couples.

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De Facto Relationship ebook
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de facto relationship

What to expect

A simple eBook to help you understand the de facto relationship as defined in Family Law in Australia. Know how de facto couples are entitled to the same rights and claims when it comes to Family Law matters. This eBook provides information about the laws affecting de facto couples. The laws cover property division, maintenance, financial agreements and the superannuation of people in de facto relationships

Q: Am I in a de facto relationship?

How to determine if you are in a de facto relationship? When does the Family Law Act apply to de facto relationships? How to register a de facto relationship? Is a de facto relationship same as a marriage? How can you sort legal and financial issues early when you are entering into a de facto relationship or moving in together?

De Facto Relationship ebook

Protect your future

Understand how Family Law works for de facto couples? How to register your relationship? Learn this and much more

Understand the legal issues

Learn how to deal with legal disputes in de facto relationships, and how the process of separation works in Australia.

Property & Home ownership

Get legal as well as tax/financial information regarding the ramifications around property or home disputes.

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Binding Financial Agreement

Learn how to remove the uncertainty of what a court may do in determining your financial division.

Spouse Maintenance

Understand the legal obligation on one de facto spouse to maintain or support the other.


Comprehend how family law courts will deal with issues relating to children in de facto relationships.