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Employment Law Essentials: Protecting Your Business and Employees

In the bustling metropolis of Brisbane, Australia, the dynamic interplay of businesses and employees is the cornerstone of economic growth. Employment law acts as the guardian of this delicate equilibrium,...

By Aylward Game Oct 25, 2023 Employment Law

Understanding Employment Law in Brisbane: Your Comprehensive Guide

As an employer or employee in Brisbane, it is important to understand the various employment laws that govern the relationship between the two parties. Employment law is a complex area...

By Aylward Game Apr 17, 2023 Employment Law

Qld Industrial Court Rules On The Appropriate Compensation For Sexual Harassment

In a record-breaking award to compensate for sexual harassments by an employer against its employee, Queensland Industrial Court changed the outcome on appeal by substituting its own award of $130,000....

By Aylward Game Aug 19, 2021 Employment Law

Which of the Following Statements Best Describes your Right to Work in Australia? Employment Law & Lawyers

What Is Employment Law? If you are an employee in Australia, all of the terms of Australian employment law are for you. These terms ensure that an employee should work...

By Aylward Game Sep 24, 2020 Employment Law

What Every Employee Needs To Know About Unfair Dismissal

There are many versions of what people may conceive as “unfair dismissal”, or commonly known as unfairly being fired from their job, depending on what side of the fence they...

By Aylward Game Mar 29, 2020 Articles

Was Your Redundancy Genuine or Disingenuous? – An Employee’s Perspective

Got some bad news at work recently? Made redundant or sacked? Can you as an employee be made redundant, and in what circumstances? What is Redundancy under the Fair Work...

By Aylward Game Mar 27, 2020 Employment Law

Tweeting About Employment Law Australia

Social media and employment law have again been the focus of litigation in Australia. Michaela Banerji was a public servant in the Immigration Department. Ms. Banerji also operated a Twitter...

By Aylward Game Oct 31, 2013 Employment Law