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Aylward Game Solicitors Brisbane are a modern and dynamic firm of Brisbane Solicitors and Brisbane Family Lawyers who are strongly committed to traditional professional values of the legal practice in Australia.

The legal force Aylward Game Solicitors Brisbane, and their collective lawyers will harness nearly 80 cumulative years of experience in the fields of Commercial & Business law, Brisbane family law, Wills & Estate Planning law, Immigration Law, Complex contract, Commercial Litigation, Employment law and Property law & Conveyancing; with particularly strong expertise in children’s matters, de facto, divorce, mediation and dispute resolution as well as vendor finance and a wide suite of business, banking and finance law services.

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Aylward Game Solicitors Brisbane was established in 1998 and are based in modern and attractive (and we think quite unique) offices in Brisbane’s CBD, providing high-quality legal advice and representation to clients throughout Queensland and more widely around Australia. As your local Brisbane lawyer or solicitor, our role is to protect your rights and promote your best interests.


Our Partners Mark Game and Ian Field have more than 40 years of experience of legal practice between them. At Aylward Game Solicitors we are committed to working with you to find practical, efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether they are straightforward or highly complex matters in a variety of legal specialties and expertise.


As your solicitor, lawyer or attorney our role is to protect your rights and promote your best interests. Our founding partner Mark Game has strong expertise in vendor finance techniques and partner Ian Field in the collaborative law approach to dispute resolution, especially in the area of Family Law. Ian Field is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law.


Our main areas of practice are Commercial and Business law, Commercial Litigation, Property Law and Conveyancing, Vendor Finance, Family Law, Wills, Estates, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Collaborative Law and Town Agent Services.

Aylward Game Solicitors are here to provide you the best advice and representation in the legal matters you may face.

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Aylward Game Solicitors comprise a powerhouse team of Brisbane Lawyers and supporting staff that is committed to the traditionally practiced values of the legal profession. The legal force Aylward Game Solicitors and their collective lawyers will harness nearly 50 cumulative years of experience in the fields of family law, employment law, and commercial business law; with expertise in complex divorce and dispute resolution as well as immigration law, vendor finance and the full range of business, employment, banking and finance law.

Our Brisbane legal team is diligent, dedicated and committed to providing excellent customer service at each stage of the process. We welcome a diverse range of clients in many areas of the law and look forward to serving the Brisbane community for many years to come.

Aylward Game Solicitors, Brisbane Lawyers, keeping you “Ahead of the Game”.

AGS-21st Anniversary

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Mark Game – Founder

Litigation, Real Estate & Commercial

Ian Field – Partner

Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer

Elise Foote

Brisbane Family Lawyer

Abolfazl Moghadam – Senior Lawyer

Litigation, Employment & Immigration


$ 990

Court Appearances

Got A Matter In Court? Our Solicitors Appear In All Matter In State And Federal Courts (Excluding Legal Aid Criminal Matters).

  • Experienced Brisbane Lawyers
  • Experienced Brisbane Lawyers
  • All matters in State & Federal Court
  • High success rate
$ 165

Agency Services

Needing Quick Law Agency Help? Get Fast Legal Agency Services On A Wide Range Of Family Law And Conveyancing Matters.

  • Settlement Attendance
  • Filing court documents
  • Title Registration Lodgement
  • Fast processing, expert service
  • Explore Our site and Contact us
$ 990

Children’s Matters

Searching For A Premium Children’s Lawyer? We Have Qualified ICL Agents Available In Federal Circuit Court And Family Law Court.

  • Independent Children's Lawyer
  • Mediation Specialists
  • Experienced Legal Counsel
  • Contact Us For Free

Property Conveyancing

In The Settlement Process? We Have A Specialist Conveyancing Team Ready To Expertly Process Your Transaction.

  • Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Experience and Expertise
  • Fast, Error-free Processing
  • Bulk pricing available

Aylward Game Solicitors solves problems for a vast range of clients in many areas of the law

When two parties are involved in conflict, including family breaks ups that occour after a very long relationship, financial issues can become problematic because there is stress involved with the conflict or separation itself; and party’s must think about how to reach a fair and amicable resolution to the conflict to finalise matters.

This can often become a complicated process, especially if there are a lot of assets, arguements, complexities or even children involved.

The most important thing after conflict occours, or after a separation has taken place, is to seek legal advice as early in the process as possible because the sooner you’re aware of your rights and obligations, the sooner you’re going to be able to take steps to formalise matters between you and the other party. Early intervention is generally beneficial.

To discuss your matter confidentially, speak with one of our legal team on 1800 217 217 today.

Aylward Game Solicitors, Brisbane Lawyers, keeping you Ahead of the Game.


Keep up to date with all the latest news with the Aylward Game Solicitors Brisbane Lawyers Blog. Brisbane Solicitors with 75 Years experience make us the premier choice for your Brisbane Legal matters. Please feel free to email us about your matter or join the newsletter list for frequent updates.

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BREAKING NEWS: Aylward Game Announces Alignment Of Forces With CastleGate Law

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Family Law Practitioners Association Board

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