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Aged Care Facilities

  • Are You Considering Buying or Selling an Aged Care Facilities? Needing to find the best Aged Care Lawyers?
  • Are You Needing To Formulate An Agreement And Don’t Have An Experienced Aged Care Lawyer Onside?

If so, getting the right legal advice before you even submit or accept an offer is critical.
It is important from the beginning to ensure that:

  • The transaction is structured correctly to manage liability to Transaction Duty;
  • There is a method for setting the price providing for movements in Accommodation Bonds and Employee Entitlements;
  • Thorough due diligence requirements are provided for;
  • All necessary regulatory approvals and other requirements are addressed.


There are various added fees for residential aged care facilities, and they are often arranged according to your financial situation. This is important to discuss as you commence your journey to look into various facility options. These fees help to cover the costs of daily living and extra care, as well as your accommodation. Some aged care facilities are means-tested, meaning they will vary their required financial contribution based on your income, assets, and government subsidies.

The process of caring for aging relatives can be challenging. You need to ensure they have a safe place to live and the right medical care while remaining in the comfort of their own home. If you are planning to provide your elderly parents with assisted living, here’s what you need to know about the different types of care facilities in Brisbane. There are many places that offer high-quality services specifically designed for seniors, but picking one is not easy. It is not enough to look at the brochure or websites of various facilities; you need to visit them personally and speak with current residents and staff members. Here is a list of some great aged care centers in Brisbane that will take good care of your loved ones:


A further point to consider when choosing among different aged care facilities is the extra services they may or may not provide. This can include varying standards of accommodation, facilities, food, and or services. These additional services do cost more, and like most considerations should be optioned for the comfort, financial position, and well-being of the resident.

Aged Care Facilities

Investigating alternate aged care facilities Gold Coast by way of a consultation appointment can help to clarify what the facility can provide. This also provides a key opportunity to inspect the facility, helping you to decide if it will be an appropriate, comfortable home.

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“We were delighted with the service from Aylward Game when we bought an Aged Care Facility in 2010. Their attention to detail and knowledge was first class. As we continue to operate and acquire facilities in the aged care sector we will continue to partner with Aylward Game.” – Shane Winterton Director CPSM Care