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Category: Litigation

Unveiling Key Litigation Terms: Your Indispensable Handbook

In the intricate realm of law, comprehension is power. The ability to navigate legal waters with confidence demands not only a keen understanding of one's rights and responsibilities but also...

By Aylward Game Jan 23, 2024 Litigation

When a company owes you and does not pay Tired of Re-sending Invoices?

This article aims to individuals and business owners who may have conducted business with a company but the company refuses to does not pay its outstanding invoices past its due...

By Aylward Game Jun 8, 2023 Litigation

Mediation vs. Litigation: Which Is Right for You in Brisbane?

Legal disputes can be stressful and expensive. Whether you're dealing with a family matter, a business conflict, or a personal injury claim, it's important to know your options for resolving...

By Aylward Game Apr 19, 2023 Litigation

I Am Engaging A Building Contractor: Any Homework To Do?

This article aims to briefly discuss some of the points that a would-be building owner needs to consider prior to engaging a building contractor and signing a contract. The list...

By Aylward Game Aug 30, 2022 Litigation

Which of the Following Statements Best Describes your Right to Work in Australia? Employment Law & Lawyers

What Is Employment Law? If you are an employee in Australia, all of the terms of Australian employment law are for you. These terms ensure that an employee should work...

By Aylward Game Sep 24, 2020 Employment Law

What is defective building work & can you sue for consequential damage?

Suffered From Effects Of Defective Building Work in QLD? You can sue for consequential damage. This article aims to provide general guidelines for consumers in relation to their defective building...

By Aylward Game May 11, 2020 Courts

Selling your Home? Who Pays the Council Rates and Water Bill?

When selling your home, Buyers and Sellers often question who pays the council rates and the water bill. Solicitors will ensure adjustments are made at settlement so the council rates...

By Aylward Game Dec 17, 2018 Conveyancing

It’s 8 weeks until Christmas! Will you be ready?

Will you be ready? Are you amazed at how quickly Christmas seems to come around each year? It’s only 8 weeks away so will you be ready this year? Have...

By Aylward Game Oct 30, 2018 Litigation

What is an out of court settlement and when Is Civil Litigation Necessary?

The process of resolving a dispute between two parties through the court system is known as civil litigation. It can occur when one party wants to sue another over things...

By Aylward Game Oct 15, 2018 Business Law

Thinking of Entering a Business Partnership Agreement? Consider This First

Rather than going it alone as a sole trader, many business owners decide on entering into a business partnership agreement with one or more other people. After all, this helps...

By Aylward Game Aug 28, 2018 Business Law