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Aylward Game works with a range of premium service providers in the property and financial sectors.(Our Affiliations)

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Property transactions completed by members of the e–Conveyancing network. Digitally transforming the property exchange experience via a smooth transaction process.

  • Fast access to cleared funds with electronic settlement
  • Safe encrypted signing and funds exchanged via the RBA
  • Efficient settlement with real-time lodgement of documents
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Like the hummingbird who seeks out only the sweetest nectar, we work … in his efforts to get us the best deal and was our advocate in the big world of finance.

We’re often asked about the seemingly high cost of conveyancing and after a detailed explanation most come to the realisation that attention to detail is paramount.

But now – our friends at Nectar have gone one step better by offering Aylward Game Solicitor clients the Cheapest Conveyancing in Brisbane if you make and receive approval for your finance application using their portal.

Any upfront fees payable by Nectar for the introduction will be reduced against the conveyancing cost. Any upfront brokerage payments will be credited against the conveyancing fee, saving you hundreds – if not thousands on your costs.

Our Affiliations