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Employment Law

The field of Employment Law presents many challenges for employees and employers alike.

Our partners Ian Field and Mark Game can take care of those employment law issues for you, including contract and policy preparation and review, restraint of trade issues, confidentiality, redundancy/dismissal, and general employment law issues and disputes.

Employment Law presents many challenges for employees and employers alike
In the event of a dispute, if it’s not possible to negotiate an outcome, we can arrange representation for you in the appropriate court or tribunal, with the benefit of our Special Counsel, Guy Sara.


Employment law is massively complex, and this applies to both the employer and the employees. For the employer, there is a need to know the rules governing the hiring, remuneration, and dismissal of employees.

This knowledge is important as it helps a company protect itself in the face of the law whenever something out of the ordinary happens.

LEGAL COMPLEXITIES FOR EMPLOYMENTFor example, as an employer, you might find yourself facing controversy over the conduct of your business towards an employee.

While at times mistakes happen due to ignorance and naivety, the law sees you as the person tasked with safeguarding the rights of those under you. As such, an employer will always have an obligation towards the employees.

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At times, it is important to understand the legal ramifications that govern every single act by a company or an employee. While the employer is always the boss, there is a need to draw a line between what is acceptable behavior and what is not.


Employment law also exists to serve the employer from the employees.

For example, as an employer you may be challenged on the following:

  • How are you protected from a member of staff who chooses to use company resources or information in a malicious nature?
  • Are they immune from the law?
  • What does employment law say about someone who fails to come to work for days on end without leave of absence?
  • As the employer, do you have the mandate to discipline that person?

The Importance Of Understanding Agreements for employment law

Laws governing the drafting, implementation, and cancellation of contracts have always been weighty. The average Joe does not understand the lingo that governs employment contracts. If you are an employee, you need to clearly understand the terms laid out in the agreement between you and your employer.Employment LawThe employer also needs to understand the strict conditions of a contract in order to avoid violations and charges. Generally, there is a lot of ground involved when covering employment law, which raises the need for an expert on legal matters every time an issue comes up.In the firm, we are fortunate to be able to rely on the experience and intellect of our two partners, Mark Game and Ian Field, when it comes to resolving issues relating to employment law.
Get Ahead with Expert Legal Guidance
Trust Aylward Game Solicitors to Navigate Your Legal Challenges

Their focus is on a broad spectrum of activities, ranging from employment policy to contracts and dismissals.

Ian Field and Mark Game are accomplished lawyers whose first approach is to attempt negotiation of an existing dispute. If the parties do not agree, then there is always the need to explore the possibility of bringing the matter involved before a judge or a tribunal.

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