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Commercial & Business Law

Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate

This process takes many forms due to differences and restrictions on the potential use of your commercial property as well as location, and cultural significance. This makes it essential to ensure that your interests are catered for in the contract terms and conditions. (Commercial & Business Law)

Here at Aylward Game Solicitors, we will help you in the preparation of the following documents that are needed in all contracts.

  • Standard form REIQ commercial land and building contracts with tailored special conditions to suit your requirements.
  • Special purpose property contracts.
  • Development contracts for the proposed acquisition of properties for either development or subdivision.
  • Off-the-plan contracts for the sale of your future property
  • Put & Call Options and Master Put & Call Options
  • Contracts where part of the purchase price is funded by an array of vendor finance arrangements.
  • Commercial leases that include Retail Shop leases

Commercial leases (for landlords and tenants) including Retail Shop leases
We have the knowledge and experience in leasing transaction requirements hence we will help you in case you are the landlord, tenant or assignee as well as on your commercial, industrial and retail properties.


Residential Conveyancing Expertise

We, at Aylward Game Solicitors will provide you with the necessary legal advice and services that relate to your residential conveyancing requirements including preparing contracts and contract special conditions.
Buying and selling of a residential or an investment property is a great financial transaction that needs to be taken seriously.
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This is because property conveyancing transactions generate complex rights and obligations that affect the parties involved and have adverse effects if they are not taken into serious consideration. Aylward Game Solicitors will help you in the protection of your rights and obligations.

Legal Experts in Brisbane Conveyancing

Founder Mark Game, Conveyancing expert in Brisbane, experienced in a wide range of conveyancing issues that include selling and buying of existing houses, residential units and townhouses. They also deal with new houses and the purchase of property within a self-managed superannuation fund.Legal Experts in Brisbane ConveyancingThey will advise you on the advantages of the self-managed superannuation fund and the penalties associated with non-compliance. They will also ensure that you undertake your transactions correctly so that you can enjoy the advantages of using the funds fully.Finally, we at Aylward Game Solicitors are obliged to ensure your transactions are documented properly using the right documents before being stamped, and ensure that the ownership of properties is registered to the right entities.


Buying Property within a Self Managed Superannuation Fund

There is a marked increase in the number of investment properties being purchased within a Self Managed Superannuation Fund, and there can be many advantages to utilising this structure.

However, the penalties for non-compliance with the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act can be very significant. It is vital to ensure that these transactions are undertaken correctly, otherwise, the tax advantages of using this structure may be lost.

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We have experience in all areas of Property-Law in Brisbane including Property Contract Termination to ensure that these transactions are properly documented, the right documents are properly stamped and the right entities are registered as owners of the property.

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Contractual Arrangements

Dealing with contractual arrangements and agreements

Shareholders, partners, and co-operators may enter into a contract to agree on their needs or wishes before leaving or establishing the business law. They may arrange independent contractor arrangements, consultancy agreements, agreements with customers, service providers, and suppliers or employment contracts. Documenting what has been agreed between you and your business partners is very important to properly secure both of your rights and interests as well as prevent misunderstanding in the future.

Aylward Game Solicitors can provide straight-forward and practical assistance in arranging these basic contracts:

  • Partnership agreement for individuals creating a partnership
  • Shareholder agreement for a particular company
  • Employment agreements between the employer and all salaried staff
  • The standard form of Terms of Trade or Supply Agreement between the company and suppliers that provide services and products to them or their customers
  • Special purpose contracts entered into by parties due to unusual circumstances.

Franchise Agreements

Aylward Game Solicitors can assist you to prepare Franchise Agreement, acquire or set up a new or existing franchise business law and understand the consequence of a transaction you’ve just entered into, including:

  • The effect of paying the upfront costs to the franchisor
  • Ongoing cost and expenses of the franchise and the terms to increase or change them
  • Restrictions of the business law operations
  • Selling and assigning franchising rights
  • Cost and liability of transferring a franchise
  • Leasing business premises or getting a license to occupy the franchisor’s premises

Trusts & Corporate

In building and starting your business operation, the impeccable service of Aylward Game Solicitors can help you develop the best structure. They guide clients in carefully thinking and considering their individual circumstances and the means to be used in operating their business.

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To ensure you got all your rights and interest covered, they liaise with your accountant and financial advisor during the consideration process.