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Level 4, 183 Wickham Terrace Brisbane QLD 4001
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Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate

This process takes many forms due to differences and restrictions on the potential use of your commercial property as well as location, and cultural significance. This makes it essential to ensure that your interests are catered for in the contract terms and conditions.

Here at Aylward Game Solicitors, we will help you in the preparation of the following documents that are needed in all contracts.

  1. Standard form REIQ commercial land and building contracts with tailored special conditions to suit your requirements.
  2. Special purpose property contracts.
  3. Development contracts for proposed acquisition of properties for either development or subdivision.
  4. Off-the-plan contracts for the sale of your future property
  5. Put & Call Options and Master Put & Call Options
  6. Contracts where part of the purchase price is funded by an array of vendor finance arrangements.
  7. Commercial leases that include Retail Shop leases

Commercial leases (for landlords and tenants) including Retail Shop leases

We have the knowledge and experience in leasing transaction requirements hence we will help you in case you are the landlord, tenant or assignee as well as on your commercial, industrial and retail properties.


Residential Conveyancing Expertise

We, at Aylward Game Solicitors, will provide you with the necessary legal advice and services that relate to your residential conveyancing requirements including preparing contracts and contract special conditions.

Buying and selling of a residential or an investment property is a great financial transaction that needs to be taken seriously.

This is because property conveyancing transactions generate complex rights and obligations that affect the parties involved and have adverse effects if they are not taken into serious consideration. Aylward Game Solicitors will help you in the protection of your rights and obligations.


Founder Mark GameConveyancing expert in Brisbane, experienced in a wide range of conveyancing issues that include selling and buying of existing houses, residential units and townhouses. They also deal with new houses and the purchase of property within a self-managed superannuation fund.

They will advise you on the advantages of the self-managed superannuation fund and the penalties associated with non-compliance. They will also ensure that you undertake your transactions correctly so that you can enjoy the advantages of using the funds fully.

Finally, we at Aylward Game Solicitors are obliged to ensure your transactions are documented properly using the right documents before being stamped, and ensure that the ownership of properties is registered to the right entities.


Buying Property within a Self Managed Superannuation Fund

There is a marked increase in the number of investment properties being purchased within a Self Managed Superannuation Fund, and there can be many advantages to utilising this structure.

However, the penalties for non-compliance with the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act can be very significant. It is vital to ensure that these transactions are undertaken correctly, otherwise, the tax advantages of using this structure may be lost.

Looking to Find A Conveyancer in Brisbane?

We have the experience in all areas of Property-Law in Brisbane including property contract termination to ensure that these transactions are properly documented, the right documents are properly stamped and the right entities are registered as owners of the property.

To discuss your matter, please contact us at your earliest convenience for a Free Case Review.

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El Ka
El Ka

in the last week

Mark Kenney was great to work with during a recent property purchase. There were some complications to iron out along the way and he addressed them really proficiently and communicated well throughout. They are in a gorgeous historic building near the CBD with easy free parking out the back. (I'm not sure if there is wheelchair/lift access to their office, please check on that first if that is important to you.)

Jackson Elliott
Jackson Elliott

7 months ago

IAN FIELD is awesome at staying on top of things. All are very professional, kind, knowledgeable, and I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with this firm. I have recommended them to others and will continue to recommend their services. thanks

Mana S
Mana S

4 months ago

Worked with Mr Ian Field and Mrs Elise Foote as our mediators. Very disappointed with the service. The process lasted way more than expected and obviously we were charged much more than estimated. The delay caused much more stress rather than helping us to resolve the problem and they didn’t seem to feel responsible enough to care about it. They had many mistakes that we had to correct them which shows they didn’t spend enough time on it and even part of the job remained kind of unresolved and they kind of left me alone without caring about it. I would not recommend them at lest in family matter.

Anita Loader
Anita Loader

6 months ago

I wanted to pass on my thanks to all at Aylward Game, especially Mark Kenny, Shonae Morrison and Allyce Ardern, for all the assistance they have given over the past 6 weeks. As a very novice property purchaser, the professionalism, advice, hand holding, responsiveness and above all patience were so very much appreciated and made what could have been a very stressful time, a very easy process (well, for me at least, maybe not for them!) Who knows, if this venture goes well, it may not be the last they hear of me.... Apologies in advance! 😳

Lawrence Carneal
Lawrence Carneal

10 months ago

Not many firms can compete with the skill and performance that Aylward Game have - I am a very happy camper... fast turn around and diligent research on my property matter thanks to Mark Game.