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Do I need to find a Solicitor before I sign a Contract?

Do I need to find a Solicitor before I sign a Contract?

Do I need to find a Solicitor before I sign a Contract?

In most conveyancing matters, the first time a solicitor sees a Contract is after it has been entered into and fully signed. So should you find a lawyer first? In today’s fast pace society and through fear of missing out on a purchase or losing a sale, you can often feel pressured into signing a Contract before your Solicitor has had a chance to review it.

find a lawyer that knowsIn some cases, the contract is as it seems and no issues arise down the track. However, in other cases, unexpected issues arise which could have been avoided simply by having the Contract reviewed before it was signed.

Find a Solicitor that knows

A common mistake, which we have seen multiple times here at Aylward Game Solicitors, is entering the incorrect name on the Contract. Buyers and Sellers misspell their names, forget to include their middle name(s) or on more complicated occasions, where the buyer is purchasing as a trustee, they have failed to include the correct legal entity on the Contract.

All these mistakes involve costly legal work to rectify and can turn a relatively simple conveyance into a costly and painful experience.

Other issues may arise where the Contract includes special conditions which are unclear and have costly consequences if they are not complied with. Your situation may be such that the Contract does require special conditions and the use of a standard Contract does not provide you with sufficient protection or adequately provide for your situation. In all these cases it is important to have a solicitor review your Contract before you sign to make sure it is correct and is sufficient for your situation.

If you are about to sign a Contract make sure you have it reviewed first and call Aylward Game Solicitors on 1800 217 217.