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Dispute Resolution Lawyer Gold Coast: Your Full Guide to Processing Disputes

Disputes or disagreements can appear in various cases and become hard to manage when unresolved. Often, conflicts can be resolved via alternatives to court procedures, such as mediation or negotiation. Alternatively, disputes can be fixed by inspecting the court litigation process. At Aylward Game Solicitors, we comprehend that guiding intricate legal conflicts can feel daunting. […]

Dispute Resolution Lawyer Gold Coast: Your Full Guide to Processing Disputes

Dispute Resolution Lawyer Gold Coast: Your Full Guide to Processing Disputes

By Aylward Game - May 20, 2024 Dispute Resolution

Disputes or disagreements can appear in various cases and become hard to manage when unresolved. Often, conflicts can be resolved via alternatives to court procedures, such as mediation or negotiation. Alternatively, disputes can be fixed by inspecting the court litigation process.

At Aylward Game Solicitors, we comprehend that guiding intricate legal conflicts can feel daunting. As an adept and seasoned dispute resolution lawyer on the Gold Coast, we offer expert advice and reliable help. With a track record of profitable results, we are your reliable legal ally in resolving conflicts promptly and efficiently.

The advantages of resolving disputes

Dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, are low-cost opportunities that can eventually save time and money by eradicating the formalities of legal proceedings. These methods often give the parties involved in a dispute more control, permitting them to actively experience both the procedure and the result.

Most notably, conflict issues are managed with the advice of a third party, such as a mediator, in a private and relaxed environment, seeking a satisfactory result for all involved.

The role of a dispute resolution lawyer

A Dispute Resolution lawyer analyses a case’s specifics and presents various options to the parties. They collaborate with their clients to determine their priorities and the ultimate goals of the dispute resolution process before choosing the best course of action.

A dispute attorney must be able to recognise and regulate the risks associated with litigation as they work toward a quick and economical settlement of the case. They will resolve the issue peacefully by communicating with the other party or parties on your behalf. Dispute resolution Attorneys strive to resolve disputes as soon as possible, prioritising protecting clients’ interests.

These lawyers have the expertise and capabilities to navigate you through the informal dispute resolution process, offering support and practical advice.

What happens if the court gets involved?

There are situations when going to court is necessary, and litigation is inevitable. Since they are well-versed in the laws and procedures of various courts, attorneys focusing on dispute resolution can assist clients in managing the legal system in these situations. In addition to consistently looking for and evaluating settlement possibilities, they will persuasively argue the client’s case in court. Contrary to typical belief, litigators’ work only occasionally entails dramatic courtroom exchanges!

Attorneys who handle litigation will handle all paperwork and ensure deadlines are met. Regardless of the course, dispute resolution attorneys will ensure you are informed and in control of the entire process. 

Litigation and dispute resolution

With years of litigation and dispute resolution expertise, our Gold Coast-based commercial litigation attorneys have helped numerous clients achieve successful outcomes.

Aylward Game Solicitors is known for its commercial, strategic, and realistic methods. We establish rapport with clients to manage cases that best suit their needs and available resources. This frequently entails settling conflicts through dialogue outside of the legal system. In other situations, when our clients desire to take their cases to trial, our commercial litigation attorneys have the resources, know-how, and experience necessary to defend their positions effectively.

Our exceptional client service philosophy offers the following:

  • Technical expertise from amiable, accommodating attorneys
  • When resolving your legal issues, prioritise alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to avoid the expense and unpredictability of litigation.
  • Head office guidance, planning for growth, and a commitment to cost containment
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Immediate dispute resolution

Sometimes, a speedy resolution is vital. We realise this. Our team of commercial law experts has the drive and know-how to settle conflicts rapidly.

Expertise in complex litigation

When litigation is inevitable or has already begun, you need a team with a thorough knowledge of complex legal issues. You can get this at Aylward Game Solicitors. In a variety of business disputes, our attorneys have effectively defended both plaintiffs and defendants, including:

  • Construction and building disputes
  • Conflicts over commercial leasing
  • Business conflicts
  • Land acquisition under compulsory contract disputes
  • Recovering debts
  • Conflicts at work (between employers and employees)
  • conflicts involving estates (including estate claims)
  • Family law disagreements
  • Conflicts over franchises
  • general disagreements in commerce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Conflicts over intellectual property
  • Conflicts in partnerships
  • Professional carelessness
  • Property-related conflicts
  • Conflicts among shareholders
  • Tax disputes

Early Legal Counsel

Clear and complete legal correspondence can make all the distinctions in a business dispute. Early legal counsel often prevents disputes from worsening, whether you are facing charges or have been the target of accusations.

Preserving Continuing Relationship

Like those between franchisors and franchisees, ongoing business relationships often become the centre of commercial disputes. In such instances, we will vigorously argue for your position while doing everything possible to maintain the business relationship.

Aylward Game Solicitors’s Tactical Methodology

We provide in-depth guidance so you can assess your case on its merits. Before formal court proceedings begin, you must get an accurate description of what you are saying. We communicate and discuss your position with the other party to ensure it is coherent.

We are Investigating Alternative Dispute Resolution

We carefully examine mediation as a valuable tool for resolving conflicts before the start of a trial. We additionally use other kinds of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as “offers of compromise” and “Calderbank” deals, to persuade the opposing party to settle.

The Purposes of Arbitration

Formal mediation needs to happen before a trial or final hearing. This makes it feasible for each side to state the issues that arise in a case. It also offers an actual opportunity to come to a fulfilling conclusion. Before trial, mediation is vital. Both parties ought to have had access to thorough legal counsel by now. Also, it would generally have become clear what the advantages and drawbacks of each side’s case were. A trial is the next step in cases that still need to be resolved, though many are. 

Managing Litigation in Courts

A trial or hearing can be costly and daunting. One can still discuss a resolution during a trial or hearing. Parties may need to attend court to defend their positions or rights, and courts and tribunals are necessary. If you receive a claim or writ, you must answer immediately. Our skilled litigators can assemble the required court filings, procure evidence, work with barristers, and guarantee that your case is well-founded. Claims and counterclaims undergo careful consideration because it may be costly and harmful to amend them later or try to alter the jurisdiction.

Focusing Your Case in Court

The litigators at Aylward Game Solicitors have extensive experience preparing for courtroom proceedings. Their thorough understanding of various courts’ rules and due dates can help your case. They can accurately assess your chances of success and explain what would make a favourable settlement. In addition to our educated attorneys, you will get help from a group of legal experts dedicated to showcasing your case most effectively.

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About Alternative Dispute Resolution

The phrase “alternative dispute resolution” (ADR) refers to strategies for resolving a legal issue outside of court proceedings.

ADR techniques offer a way to settle new disputes quickly. They additionally allow for the faster settlement of long-running conflicts.

By including these dispute resolution techniques in agreements before disagreements occur, issues can be resolved more quickly and inexpensively if they do arise.

Above all, you are the one who selects the solution when using ADR.

Which ADR Techniques Are There?

Among the approaches you can take to assist in resolving your legal issue are:


A neutral third party assists you and the other parties resolve the disagreement while creating a workable action plan. You are accountable for making a decision and continue to have control over the result. The mediator is not there to offer counsel or render judgements. The mediator’s role is not to make decisions but to facilitate.

Many tribunals and courts have the authority to mandate that you attempt mediation before introducing a case to trial. If not, it is voluntary. Thus, you are unwilling to compel the other party to mediate. They must concur. You still have the option to go to court if mediation fails to produce an agreement between you and the other party.


The conciliation process involves the parties in a disagreement, determining the points of contention with the help of a neutral third party. The conciliator helps you and the other parties evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of one another’s positions. Conciliators typically have an advisory role rather than a deciding one regarding the content of the dispute or the resolution’s outcome because they are experts on the subject matter of the dispute.

Courts and tribunals might require you to attempt conciliation before trial, much like mediation. It is not acceptable to force someone else to make concessions. Even if you and the other party choose to mediate but cannot reach an agreement, you still have the option to proceed in court. 

Collaborative law

A settlement without going to court becomes settled upon by the parties and their legal counsel in collaborative law. As such, every individual present aims to arrive at a mutually agreeable resolution.


The process involves selecting an impartial arbitrator to serve as a judge on behalf of the disputing parties. It is your responsibility and the other parties’ responsibility to abide by the arbitrator’s decision.

In family law cases, arbitration is now used.

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You can rely on Aylward Game Solicitors when you need a Gold Coast dispute resolution attorney. Our vast experience, customised approach, and dedication to excellence make us your perfect legal partner for conflict resolution. Put an end to legal disputes disrupting your life and business. Please make an appointment for a consultation with us right now to get started on finding a solution. Our staff is prepared to offer you the expertise and support you require to resolve your conflict peacefully.

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Trust Aylward Game Solicitors to Navigate Your Legal Challenges


A Statement of Claim: What Is It?

A statement of claim is documentation outlining the specifics of a claim and the reasoning behind initiating legal action. Formal legal proceedings begin with a declaration of claim.

Pleadings and details are the pertinent information regarding the reason(s) for initiating the court action. The details relevant to the disagreement and the basis of the other party’s claim belong in the pleadings.

After receiving a letter of demand, what should you do?

Litigation often comes as a consequence of a cease-and-desist letter or a letter of demand. Never ignore messages or demands that you receive. To preserve your position, immediately look for competent legal representation.

Your response is worthy of thoughtful consideration. Disregarding a letter from a lawyer is the simple solution. But if you disregard such a letter, you might receive additional court documents in the future or face greater exposure.

You might only know if the claim is valid or without merit if you have legal counsel. If the claim is valid and you are exposed, you should work to reduce that exposure and settle the dispute to avoid future damage claims.

A letter of demand often includes an erroneous claim of a breach or excessive or unwarranted damages. Every set of conditions is unique. The best action is to hire a litigation lawyer to help you prepare a defence and lessen your exposure.

Numerous clients favour our help in replying favourably to letters of demand and claims.

When is the right time to work with a dispute attorney?

If you need legal counsel from an attorney when dealing with complex legal issues or if a dispute emerges that you cannot settle on your own, you ought to hire a dispute lawyer.

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