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Unlocking Solutions: Your Guide to Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Australia

A disagreement can be challenging, and reaching a solution that all parties can agree on can be disappointing. What matters most is finding out possible impacts and managing the conflict in an excellent, calm way. In these instances, you must always consult a lawyer with expertise in conflict resolution for guidance and help. In dealing […]

Unlocking Solutions: Your Guide to Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Australia

Unlocking Solutions: Your Guide to Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Australia

By Aylward Game - May 27, 2024 Dispute Resolution

A disagreement can be challenging, and reaching a solution that all parties can agree on can be disappointing. What matters most is finding out possible impacts and managing the conflict in an excellent, calm way.

In these instances, you must always consult a lawyer with expertise in conflict resolution for guidance and help. In dealing with your unique case, Our Dispute Resolution Solicitors team will work to identify the right solution for all parties and minimise costly legal fees.

The Definition of Dispute Resolution

The legal procedure of formally settling a conflict (dispute) between two parties is dispute resolution. The phrase “alternative dispute resolution,” which refers to the alternatives available to help resolve a dispute, is another one you’ll likely hear. These options for alternative dispute resolution include expert determination, mediation, arbitration, and negotiation.

Dispute Resolution Process

The dispute resolution process usually involves using one of the following options to avoid the hassle and expense of going to court.


This one is the easiest to know of all the alternative dispute resolution options. Negotiation is the process by which the parties concerned negotiate a resolution. Typically, lawyers representing each side oversee this procedure. To secure a successful conclusion, the attorneys will first support and then help draft the final negotiated agreement between the parties.

Mediation may be suggested if negotiations fail to produce a solution that both parties can agree upon.


The parties can discuss the points of contention during the mediation process to find a solution with the help of a mediator. The mediator is a neutral third party with expertise in the particular process between the parties. Their job is to support and steer the parties towards a resolution; they do not make decisions on behalf of any party. Since mediation is a private process, no party may subsequently use any topics discussed in court.

The parties may choose to mediate before any court proceedings; however, most courts also mandate that they participate in mediation at some point during the litigation process.


In arbitration, the dispute is referred to an umpire—an impartial third party—for resolution. Arbitrators have the authority to render both interim and final decisions. Arbitration sessions function similarly to litigation, but the parties typically agree that the hearing and decision will be private and confidential.

Your business agreements may have provisions requiring arbitration in the event of a dispute.

Expert determination is another option (usually determining one particular point in a dispute).

Furthermore, you may come across expressions like “round table conference,” “settlement conference,” and “without prejudice discussion”; these are all subsets of “alternative dispute resolution,” which enables parties to attempt to settle a dispute.

Selecting an alternative dispute resolution method has the potential to save parties from the needless costs, inconveniences, and anxiety associated with going to court. 

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our Australian litigators and dispute resolution solicitors provide thorough legal services adapted to their clients’ needs. Thanks to our extensive expertise in Australian law, we manage commercial disputes, including those involving deals and intellectual property. We constantly put our client’s best interests first when helping with personal legal matters, such as family disputes and personal injury claims. Our experienced lawyers are adept at planning, negotiating successful results, and offering affordable solutions.

When appropriate, we also provide alternative dispute resolution techniques like mediation and arbitration in addition to conventional litigation, enabling clients to settle disputes quickly. We commit ourselves to offering first-rate assistance with dealing with the Australian legal system and upholding your rights at every stage, whether you are a business or an individual.

The Advantages of Resolving Disputes

Because they avoid the formalities of court proceedings, low-cost dispute resolution techniques like mediation can save time and money. With the ability to influence both the course of the dispute and its resolution, these techniques frequently offer the parties greater control over a disagreement.

Most crucially, the disagreements are resolved in a discreet and informal setting under the supervision of a third party, like a mediator, to reach a decision that satisfies everyone.

Role of a Dispute Resolution Attorney

A dispute resolution lawyer will consider the case’s specifics to find a range of solutions for the parties involved. They will collaborate with their clients to ascertain what matters most to them and what they hope to accomplish when settling the conflict before deciding on the best course of action.

A dispute resolution lawyer’s job is to help clients find a quick and affordable solution to their problems while recognising and managing the risks involved in litigation. They will resolve the issue without going to court on your behalf by interacting with the other party or parties. To safeguard their clients’ interests, dispute resolution attorneys will work to settle cases as soon as possible.

Lawyers specialising in informal dispute resolution have the expertise and experience to support you and offer helpful guidance.

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Aylward Game Solicitors: How May They Help You?

We have expertise representing our clients in business and estate litigation, such as:

Property-Related Conflicts

We promptly pinpoint the problems using our property law experience, enabling us to advise you on the strength of your position and the most effective ways to strengthen it. Property-related disputes can quickly turn into costly legal battles, particularly if you put off seeking advice until the very last minute.

Commercial disputes – violation of agreement

Commercial disagreements are frequent. To try and avoid litigation, or at the very least, to obtain advice that will strengthen your position should litigation be unavoidable, it is prudent for a business owner to seek legal advice as soon as the deal or relationship is not going well and there could be severe consequences. We can swiftly assess your circumstances and provide you with the knowledge you require to resolve the conflict by utilising our experience in commercial litigation. To schedule a thirty-minute meeting, give us a call. It might be the only thing you need to do to get the crucial first guidance and understanding required to apply a business solution to the problem. Ultimately, the key is to keep it from festering.

Disputes involving Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

You may lose intellectual property (IP) if someone else is using it, so you should take action to protect it. Because of the complexity of this field, it is simple to make a mistake and forfeit the IPR. Whether it’s a “cease” letter or something else entirely, we can promptly advise you on the best course of action.

You should take a “cease” letter seriously and get legal counsel before responding if it alerts you that you are using someone else’s intellectual property. Don’t disregard it. Sometimes, it’s a bad idea to draft cease and desist letters very threateningly, and other times, you run a serious risk of legal action being brought against you if you write something mild. It might be enough to disprove the allegation. Alternatively, if it is a real threat, we might have to engage in negotiations. Whichever it is, you have to know. We can evaluate the risk immediately and advise you on the best action.

We have expertise handling trade mark disputes in IP Australia and IP disputes in the Supreme Court, District Court, and the recently renamed Family and Federal Circuit Court.

Our IP knowledge will provide you with timely guidance. Dial (1800) 217 217 to reach us.

Will and Estates of the Dead Conflicts: bringing or defending claims against wills

The cost of real estate has increased. Because there is more money in circulation, there are more disagreements. In Queensland, disagreements following a death often result in an application being made to the court following a predetermined process. The courts have expressed worry about irrational expectations and cautioned that the estate might not be sufficient to cover all parties’ legal fees. If someone has acted unreasonably, costs may be awarded against them. As an Executor, you should consider such claims rather than dismiss them.

A prospective claimant shouldn’t merely make a claim and cross their fingers. Executors don’t just give up; instead, they seek counsel. If your claim is unfounded, it will be contested, and if you keep going, expenses may be imposed on you.

Conflicts between partners or shareholders

Conflicts between shareholders or partners can bankrupt a company and create significant stress, particularly if they end up in court. A partnership or shareholders agreement that the parties entered into might contain the solution to the emerging conflict. There is frequently a lot to dispute if there is no such agreement. Legal counsel can help you put your disagreement with your partner or fellow shareholder into perspective and prevent you from making things worse.


If someone has disparaged you, sending a Concerns Notice is necessary before filing a lawsuit. This provides the parties with an early opportunity to settle the dispute. In addition to adhering to the Defamation Act, the Concerns Notice must be in a specific format to persuade the other party of your seriousness.

However, you should consult a lawyer to determine the best course of action if you have received a Concerns Notice.

We are skilled at creating concerns notices and managing defamation lawsuits, which will help us swiftly get to the core of the issue. Please give us a call for a Case Evaluation or Visit Us Anytime at our Brisbane Solicitors and Family Law Offices within the United Service Club

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ADR, or alternative dispute resolution

ADR refers to resolving a dispute with the assistance of a third party, typically through mediation. In an attempt to save costs associated with a trial, mediation nearly invariably occurs as part of a court action. They frequently reach a consensus to end the issue.

As former internal attorneys, we seek a reasonable and business-like settlement to your conflict before things get out of hand.

Trusted Dispute Lawyers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast 

We are here to help if you require support and assistance with a business, property, or estate dispute. Call us at (1800) 217 217 right now.

A disagreement can affect your time, energy, money, business, general well-being, and day-to-day existence. Our dispute attorneys have extensive knowledge of non-traditional dispute resolution techniques and are specialists in creating risk-reduction plans to prevent conflicts entirely.

We worry about the best possible outcome for you so you can move on with your life.

Our goal is to assist you. At Aylward Game Solicitors, we establish solid, all-encompassing relationships to fully appreciate the problems that need to be solved and the objectives that must be met. Our main goal when offering advice is to ensure a satisfactory resolution every time.

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What does a litigation attorney do?

In a court of law, a litigation attorney defends your interests. These attorneys represent you in court as well as out of it. These attorneys may devise plans or negotiate with other parties outside the courtroom.

What is a litigation attorney?

The civil litigation process is the area of expertise for a litigation lawyer. These attorneys might be involved when someone uses the court system to defend, exercise, or enforce their legal rights. In most civil litigation cases, attorneys represent the plaintiff and the defendant.

What sorts of cases do litigation lawyers handle?

Litigation solicitors can handle any dispute-related case. These disagreements may arise from various areas of the law, including family law, administrative law, migration, and others.

Who has the right to dispute a contract?

Any of the contract’s participants can start a contract dispute. Disputes are frequently started by business partners, vendors, or subcontractors. These disputes can also arise in land contracts or property sales.

Who can resolve a contract dispute?

The Australian courts have the authority to resolve contractual disputes. Taking a dispute to court can be a lengthy and complex process. Throughout the process, you may be encouraged to resolve a dispute through mediation or arbitration.

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