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Category: Wills and Estate Planning

Brisbane Wills: Would you like to leave your Tattoos to your children? Make a will today!!

This is now possible in the USA. (source) It is now here, the National Association for Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA), USA. (leave your Tattoos) It is quite simple really. Any...


Diy Will Kits

The importance of engaging a properly qualified and experienced Solicitor to undertake your Estate Planning Review and prepare diy will kits is well illustrated by the Supreme Court of Queensland...

By Aylward Game Jan 28, 2014 Conveyancing

Executors Take Care

A recent decision made in the Courts of Victoria highlights the importance of comprehensive Estate Planning and the need for Executors to take particular care when they are dealing with...


Why Should I Review My Will

Once we have completed a Will for a client we always advise them to keep the Will under regular review. There are numerous reasons why it might be necessary to...

By Aylward Game Oct 11, 2013 Conveyancing

Preparing Wills and Estate Planning

The rapid recent expansion of internet-based accounts and personal websites creates a new issue to be considered when undertaking the preparation of a Will or planning for the Administration of...


New Years Resolution

Whilst many of us will make a New Years Resolution to lose weight or undertake more exercise Aylward Game solicitors are urging us to exercise our minds in the New...