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Knot Tied, Will Revised: Unveiling the Impact of Marriage on Wills in Australia

A wills in Australia is a legal document that outlines how a person's assets and belongings will be distributed after their death. It is an essential tool for ensuring that...


Unraveling Conflict: Mastering Commercial Dispute Resolution

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, conflicts are not mere roadblocks; they are inevitable twists and turns that require adept navigation. Commercial disputes, ranging from contractual disagreements to complex...

By Aylward Game Nov 17, 2023 Commercial Law

How to Navigate Buying a Property with an Existing Tenancy: Your Ultimate Guide

Navigate Buying a property with existing tenancies presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. In today's competitive real estate market, understanding the dynamics of existing tenancy agreements is crucial....

By Aylward Game Nov 16, 2023 Property Law

Planning for the Future: Wills, Estates, and Powers of Attorney

Life is full of uncertainties, and none of us can predict what the future holds. However, one thing is certain: planning for the future is essential. In this blog post,...


Navigating Common Legal Issues in Business Contracts in Australia

In the intricate web of the Australian business landscape, contracts form the very fabric that binds transactions, partnerships, and agreements together. They are the invisible force ensuring that deals are...

By Aylward Game Sep 7, 2023 Business Law

Navigating Your Responsibilities and Entitlements as a Shareholder in a Firm

Embarking on the journey of purchasing shares and becoming an investor in a company is a thrilling endeavor. Whether you're acquiring shares to initiate an investment portfolio, expand your financial...

By Aylward Game Sep 6, 2023 Business Law

Navigating the Process of Filing a Complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA): Your Pathway to Resolving Concerns In the realm of financial services in Australia, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) stands as a neutral intermediary,...


Navigating the Nuances of Will Writing & Adapting to Changing Social Realities

Writing a will is a task that requires careful consideration and attention to detail. The ever-evolving landscape of our society can often lead to unforeseen consequences if not adequately addressed...

By Aylward Game Aug 30, 2023 Will Writing

Embracing Modernity: Aylward Game Solicitors Explores Permanent Changes in Electronic Signing Laws

In response to the rapidly evolving landscape brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Queensland Government introduced a series of temporary allowances for electronic document signing and witnessing. While these...


Pursuing Professional Negligence Claims Against Lawyers in Australia: A Definitive Guide

A lawyer holds a profession of great responsibility, requiring consistent diligence and reliability. A breach of duty by a lawyer or another lawyer's error can lead to severe consequences for...