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Category: Courts

5 Common Family Law Myths

Our family lawyers chime in on their top 5 family law myths that you may not know about... A Couple need to live together for 6 months to qualify as...

By Aylward Game Apr 29, 2016 Conveyancing

Discrimination On Public Transport

BACKGROUND Crime, particularly against women traveling for both work and pleasure, is a well-known and unpleasant issue that has been an unfortunate aspect of the public transport scene in most...

By Aylward Game Apr 20, 2016 Courts

Administrative Remedies

There are three branches of Government, namely:(Administrative Remedies) Parliament; The Courts; and The Executive. Parliament writes the laws, the Courts interpret them and the Executive enforces these laws. Perhaps it...

By Aylward Game Mar 8, 2016 Business Law

Watching the Detectives – Elvis Costello Didn’t Do A Song about Judges

Independence That is the one word that forms the bedrock of our judicial system. Judges must be seen to be independent, and actually be independent. Appointment to the bench necessarily...

By Aylward Game Nov 1, 2015 Courts

Surrogacy Arrangements in Australia

The recent story in the Sydney Morning Herald highlighting the emergence of a number of clinics in Cambodia apparently operating commercial surrogacy arrangements has reminded us of the ongoing debate...

By Aylward Game Oct 31, 2015 Courts

A High Old Time at Magistrates Court

Our Special Counsel, Mr Sara, was commissioned to act as an associate of a long-standing client in Murwillumbah Local Magistrates Court, far North Eastern NSW. The client, a company director,...

By Aylward Game Oct 30, 2015 Articles

Looking For A Law Job? The Fate Of Young Lawyers

What is the fate of young lawyers? Recently, Aylward Game advertised for a para-legal. In its wake were very few para-legals applying, but instead there were  law graduates and recently...

By Aylward Game Oct 9, 2015 Articles

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Whilst in general we are keen to encourage clients to consider various means of alternative dispute resolution rather than proceeding to Court, we don’t think that a rather novel approach...

By Aylward Game Jul 29, 2014 Articles

Mobile Legal Advice

In response to an increasing level of demand and a number of requests, Aylward Game Solicitors have formalised and formally launched their Mobile Lawyer Service. Although it was something Aylward...

By Aylward Game Jun 19, 2013 Conveyancing